Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tell No One

If you've looked at the movie listings recently, you probably already know that there isn't much playing right now. With the pickins being so slim, we decided to check out something a little different.

The name of the movie is Tell No One. Francois Cluzet stars in this French thriller, based on the international best seller. A story of upended love with a mystery that exerts its power till the very end.

Eight years after the heinous murder of his wife, doctor Alex Beck receives an ominous email from an unknown source. The message contains a video image of Alex's thought-to-be dead wife in real time.

Maintaining a rewarding balance of genuine emotion and high tension entertainment, Tell No One is one that - if you don't mind subtitles - you will want to see and tell everyone.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Dark Knight

I can not tell you how many people have asked me, knowing that mom and I go to the movies each weekend, if I've seen The Dark Knight and what I thought about it. I know this is going to come as a bit of a shock, but until today she and I hadn't gone to see this one. Neither of us are a big fan of crowds; therefore, we waited - and waited, and waited. Well folks, today was the day that we finally got around to seeing it and after all of the movie that we've endured lately, I'm wondering why we waited so long...This was an excellent movie!
Batman (Christian Bale) joins forces with Lt. Gordon (Gary Oldman) and a fearless district attorney (Aaron Eckhart) to take on the Gotham underworld and a wild-card villain, the Joker (the late Heath Ledger).
Batman has been doing a good job cleaning up the streets of Gotham. In fact, he may be doing too good a job. The organized crime lords have been backed into a corner. Not only do they have Batman after them, but the new DA, Harvey Dent, who actually wants to clean things up. And of course, Jim Gordon and his crew are fighting the good fight as well. Seeing no other way to deal with the situation, they accept the assistance of a newcomer: The Joker. The trouble is, they don't know what they've unleashed....

Even if Heath Ledger hadn't died, critics and audiences alike would still be buzzing about his performance as The Joker. He was superb!!
If you are one of the few who still hasn't gone to see this one, I suggest you head to your nearest movie theater and get yourself a ticket - make sure you use the bathroom first though, because it is a long movie - you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


When I saw the previews for this one, my first thought was that I wouldn't even be able to watch it. A movie about Mirrors, a childhood fear of mine not completely abandoned, I thought this would be the one that actually managed to scare me. I almost talked my self out of going to see it; but as the date grew closer, I began to get excited and couldn't wait to go check it out.

Kiefer Sutherland plays Ben, a down and out ex-cop who's battling an alcohol problem and the stigma of killing a man while in the line of duty. While waiting to be reinstated into the police force, he takes a job as a night watchmen at the Mayflower, an old, burned down but still valuable department store. Once there, he begins noticing creepy things going on with the mirrors inside which then leads to him seeing disturbing things in all mirrors.

The potential for a good fright was right there, I could almost grasp it, but then it turned into a gore fest with a stupid ending and I was left feeling very disappointed. Maybe one day someone will a make a scary movie that actually does as it claims, but this wasn't that day.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

After seeing the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and loving it, I was excited when I saw the previews for a sequel.

If you haven't seen the first Sisterhood movie, the sequel opens with a nice introduction of the characters and summary of events from the previous film, narrated by Carmen (America Ferrera). Carmen's been looking forward to the summer after her first year at Yale, because she will be reunited in her hometown with her three Friends of the Pants: Tibby (Amber Tamblyn), Lena (Alexis Biedel), and Bridget (Blake Lively). They jointly own this pair of really cute jeans, which somehow fits all of them even though they're hardly the same size, so everyone gets to take turns. But it turns out that all four have plans that will keep them from hanging out together, so the pants will have to travel from friend to friend once again.

The three years since we first met them have seen the girls mature and so has the story: sexual discovery, heartbreak, abandonment and forgiveness are on the menu as the girls face adulthood. Perhaps the magical, good karma-bestowing pants that act as a way from them all to stay connected via FedEx have started to fray, destined to be put away with the childish things of girlhood.

Simply, this was a sweet and satisfying time spent in the company of characters we like and understand that ultimately confirms the importance of women's friendship.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Mummy: Tomb of Dragon Emperor

There weren't a lot of choices this weekend. Our choices were between The Mummy: Tomb of Dragon Emperor and Swing Vote, I chose The Mummy; about half way through the movie, as I struggled to keep my eyes open, I was regretting my choice.

I realize that this is nothing more than a popcorn movie designed to lure summer moviegoers in the lull after Dark Knight and before the serious Oscar contenders start to roll out. But even silly pop movies have standards and this one falls short.

The film starts off in 50BC China by telling an ancient tale of forbidden love and revenge when the power-hungry Dragon Emperor (Jet Li) - along with his terracotta army - are turned to stone while seeking the secret of immortality.

Fast forward 2,000 years and we’re in 1946 Oxford, where Egyptologist Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser) has retired after his adventures of the first two films with wife Evelyn (Maria Bello, replacing Rachel Weisz). But, the power-crazy maniac has been unleashed and it is up to Rick and his wife to stop him from taking over the world.

Dumb, inept and more than a little dull, this lacklustre film suggests that it’s time to put The Mummy back in its coffin - for good!