Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Women

This weekends movie choice was The Women. This was one that mom and I had been looking forward to seeing since we first saw the previews.

For me, the best part of this one was getting together with my friend Amy and my mom. We ate, talked, laughed and took fun pictures of our day together.

And what would a day be like with Amy and me together without at least one of us walking away with a bathroom story? But enough about us, now on to the movie...

I hate to report that I was a little disappointed in this one, but I was.

When we first saw the previews and the great cast, I just knew it was going to be one to see; unfortunately, I was mistaken. The previews kind of reminded me of Hanging Up - with Meg Ryan, Diane Keaton, Lisa Kudrow and Walter Matthau. I really enjoyed that movie, so maybe I went into this one with unrealistic expectations.

Mary Haines (Meg Ryan) is a wealthy, naive wife whose husband is having an affair with Crystal Allen (Eva Mendes), a gold digging, perfume girl at Saks 5th Avenue.

As Mary embarks on a journey of self-discovery, she'll find help - and hindrance - in her friends, Sylvia Fowler (Annette Bening), the cutthroat editor of a women's magazine; Edie Cohen (Debra Messing), a married woman who keeps popping out kids; and Alex Fisher (Jada Pinkett Smith), the token minority/lesbian/youngster all rolled into one.

At first, Mary tries to deal with this as advised by her mother (Candice Bergen) - just ignore it. When that doesn't work, she confronts Crystal, then Steven, before filing for divorce. Eventually, when separated from her husband, she discovers two truths: she has not been a good mother and she has never figured out who she really is.

The film's second half represents her journey of self-discovery.

Packed with this all star cast, I really had high hopes for this movie. While I had a great time being in the company of two of my favorite women, the movie did nothing for me.

It was alright and had a few funny moments but for the most part, this one was a big disappointment to me. Maybe we should have gone with the guys to see Burn After Reading!?!?

Amy has also posted about this one, but keep in mind, she doesn't get out much - I'm just sayin.

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Amy said...

LOL!:) You are right about that...I don't get out much.;)

I loved the movie, but the company was even better.:)

And the bathroom stories will apparently never end, amen?;)

I'm looking forward to inviting myself to even more "Movies with Mom." I'm just saying is all.:)

Big hugs (after I am off of the toilet, of course)! ;)