Sunday, December 9, 2007

Catch and Release

For the second weekend in a row, mom and I didn't make it out to go see a movie; instead, we spend our time shopping, again - 'tis the season. I feel certain that we will be back on the movie track come next weekend. There are several movies coming out soon that we have on our list...

Before you start feeling too sorry for me, that I didn't get to go to the movies, I should tell you that I did get to see a good movie that came out earlier this year called Catch and Release. Mom and I never went to see it but it was on cable Saturday night and it sounded good so I watched it.

This was a wonderful romantic comedy starring Jennifer Garner, as Gray, who is struggling to deal with the death of her fiancé and the secrets she discovers that he kept from her.

I don't know how we missed this one, but I can't recall ever hearing about it. Excellent little movie! Definitely one for the collection - which apparently my husband thought I would enjoy too, since he got it for my birthday and I forgot. I'm only sorry I didn't watch it sooner but, now that I know I've got my very own copy, I can watch it any time I want.

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