Sunday, November 25, 2007

August Rush

Two movies in one weekend!?!?! WOW! What a lucky girl I am, and what a great weekend it was too!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know that many people like to go see movies over the Thanksgiving holiday’s and mom and I are no exception to this rule… only complaint was just how crowded the theater was, but other than that it was all good.

As you already know, we took my daughter to see Enchanted on Friday and we LOVED it!!! On Saturday we decided to go see August Rush, another one that mom and I were looking forward to seeing.

I had heard reports that this movie was a Fantasy, so I didn’t go in with the beliefs that this would be a realistic movie; therefore, I wasn’t as disappointed as some of the reviews have been for this one. Is it believable? No, absolutely not but I don’t know that it fits in the category of “fantasy” either – at least, not what I think of when I think of the word fantasy.

This is a movie about a boy named Evan (Freddie Highmore) - who is the product of a brief union between a punk rocker (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and a virtuoso cellist (Kerri Russell) – who hears melodies and harmonies all around him. He was put up for adoption - unbeknownst to his mother, who believes he is dead - at birth by his grandfather and grows up in an orphanage, where he is bullied daily for being a freak. But through it all, he never gives up hope that his parents will one day come for him.

When he runs away from the institution, he falls into the clutches of a musical Fagin (Robin Williams), who soon discovers the kid is a musical prodigy and puts him on the street as a busker. After that, the plot has the boy bouncing between Julliard and his old street gang. Meanwhile he's writing a symphony for the New York Philharmonic in hopes of telepathically reuniting his parents and mending his broken family.

In my opinion, the ending left something to be desired but overall, this was a sweet movie about music and love being able to overcome any obstacles. It’s a toss up whether others will like this one; it had some nice music, but I don’t think it will be for everyone. I believe this one is going to be one of those “loved it” or “hated it” types of movies; as for mom and I, we enjoyed it.

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