Saturday, November 3, 2007

Martian Child

Mom and I have been looking forward to seeing this weeks movie feature for a LONG TIME!!! As you know, we go to the movies almost every weekend, which means we get to see lots of previews and they have been showing the previews for Martian Child for several months now, but they always said "Coming Soon", never giving us a date. Well, it is FINALLY out in theaters and we couldn't wait to go see it!

This was a feel good movie about a widower (John Cusak) who is still grieving from the loss of his wife, two years earlier, and a troubled boy (Bobby Coleman) who thinks he's from Mars and is in desperate need of unconditional love. I thought the acting in this one was phenomenal; John Cusak gives and outstanding performance and a grieving husband, you can actually feel his pain.
Why is it when critics give a movie a poor rating we usually love it?? Most reviews I have heard/read for this movie have been mediocre, but mom and I both really enjoyed this one!

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