Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's your favorite?

Is there a movie that you watch every time that it comes on the television - you could watch it over and over again and it never gets old?

For my husband it’s Flash Gordon – don’t ask me why, I’m sure I do not know. In my opinion this is one of the cheesiest movies ever made, but he loves it and I love him so I deal with it. In fact, I even bought the DVD for him when it came out – mistake? Maybe, he made us watch it that day and the next.
It’s been a while since he last subjected us to it – shhh…don’t say anything to him though, maybe he forgot that he as it. Ha! (a girl can wish)

I have a few but the main one for me is Dirty Dancing – and I must admit he probably feels the same way about my movie as I feel about his. It came on again last night and of course I watched it; I just love this movie!! Besides the great music and dancing; they really captured the conversion of going from daddy’s little girl into a woman. I’m sure the hubby disagrees and thinks that this is one of the cheesiest movies ever made, but I love it and he loves me and so he will deal with it. In fact, he even bought the DVD for me when it first came out – mistake? NOPE! I’ve never made him watch it, but he has been subjected to it, once or twice, when it came on TV. Lol!

To me, it’s always interesting to learn what movies people like the most and why; comment now and tell me about your favorite.


Kathryn said...

I have several, one is Overboard another is sixteen candles.

Heather said...

The Breakfast Club

Kathryn said...

I thought of another one...National Treasure.

Laurie said...

Dirty Dancing
Gone With The Wind

Heather said...

Pretty Woman is another one that I could watch whenever it comes on.