Sunday, November 11, 2007


Today mom and I went to see P2. We didn't know much about it, other than it's supposed to be scary. We love scary, so off we went....

Although this movie wasn't bad, it is not what I would classify as scary. However, I must admit that my scare factor is off the charts - maybe even broken.

The entire movie takes place in a parking garage - cost efficiency at it's best! I thought the script was very good and the acting was nicely done.

All this being said, there were a few parts that I found unrealistic:

One was the nasty fingernail coming off scene - and can I just say, I HATE that!!! That is the one thing these film directors just love to put in their movies and that I could completely do without! It absolutely grosses me out, like fingernails running down a chalk board, and turns my stomach!! I don't know, maybe that's the effect that they're going for??? Anyway, my point is this....if you've ever bent your fingernail back, you know just how bad that hurts never mind how it would feel if it actually got bent so far that it detaches. When her fingernail comes off, she barely has a reaction - at least not one I would expect - she doesn't scream, or even curse...but then again, maybe she just has a higher tolerance to pain.

Another part that was unbelievable to me is when the cops come to check things out. How is it that they don't notice all of the security cameras that she broke?
All in all, this was a pretty good movie.

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