Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Contract

Mom and I didn't get out to the movies this weekend because I was busy hosting a Halloween party. However, the day after the party - when all the hubby and I were doing absolutely nothing except sitting around and relaxing - we watched The Contract with John Cusack and Morgan Freeman. With such big actors I would have though this movie would be good; in fact, I bought this movie because it had both of them in it and I was surprised that I had never heard of it. However, after after watching it, I now know why I had never heard of it. The script was horrible and the plot had way too many holes.

High school gym teacher Ray Keene (Cusack) goes on a bonding excursion with his teenage son, who got in trouble with the local law for smoking pot, and comes back with a new girl friend and a new pal in the underworld. With these two amazing actors, this movie has all the ingredients for a speedy action thriller, and just how it fails to raise even the tiniest bit of suspense is beyond me.

This one was a disappointment.

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