Monday, April 7, 2008


Mom and I decided to see 21 this weekend. We had seen the previews and it looked like a fun movie.

Ben Campbell is attending MIT and has been accepted to Harvard Medical School. Unless granted a scholarship he learns that it will cost him $300,000 for tuition, room, and board and sees no possible way of paying the bill.

While studying one night, he is approached by Jason Fisher who invites him into the secret world of Professor Micky Rosa's (Kevin Spacey) card-counting club. With an elaborate system of formulas, buzzwords, and signals, Rosa and his students have been hitting Las Vegas on weekends and winning big. They now want Ben to join their clandestine cabal.

Ben's goal is simple and his motives pure: study the tricks of the trade and work hard enough to generate $300,000, enough to cover tuition and living expenses on the way to becoming Dr. Campbell, then get out.

His best-laid plans begin to sour when a daily diet of vectors and formulas segues into high-roller suites, fantasy clubs and the irresistible lure of teammate Jill Taylor.
There were some unbelievable things throughout the movie, but we enjoyed it.

We were entertained!

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Noodle said...

My son wants to see this movie. Inappropriate for an almost-10 year old?