Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Brave One

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It's been a few weeks but mom and I got back on track with the movies this weekend. Our pick this time was The Brave One starring Jodi Foster and Terrence Howard. As usual, both both actors gave a stellar performance.

Radio personality Erica Bain has the perfect life - the perfect boyfriend, the perfect dog and the perfect job; but one fateful night, as she and her family stroll through a New York park, life as she knows it suddenly comes crashing down around her.

Mercer is a New York detective, who is passionate about his job and works diligently to put away the bad guys. Suddenly there's a string of murders and it appears the city could have a vigilante, but what's the common denominator?
As Erica works through her demons from that life altering event. Mercer works to put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to stop this person before he kills again.
The intensity of this movie reminded me of the intensity you felt in the movie Crash. Jodi Foster's performance brings you on the journey with her and makes you identify with her character and the trauma she's been through.
Mom and I both really enjoyed this movie.

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