Sunday, September 30, 2007

Feast of Love

The movie that mom and I chose this weekend was the Feast of Love, an adaptation of the 2000 book by Charles Baxter.

The story begins with a brilliant theory on love, “There is a story about the Greek Gods. They were board, so they invented human beings. But they were still board, so they invented love. Then they weren’t board any longer; so they decided to try love for themselves….and finally, they invented laughter – so they could stand it.” quoted by philosophy professor Harry Stevenson (Morgan Freeman). The couplings and uncouplings in Feast of Love are observed and pondered through the wizened eyes of Professor Stevenson who is a regular at Jitters, the coffee shop owned by the good-hearted if less observant Bradley Thomas (Greg Kinnear). This is a movie about love, the chances we take and the things that connect us together.

I really enjoyed the wit of Freeman’s character in this movie, as well as the story lines. However, if you are uncomfortable with sex and nudity then this is not the movie for you!

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