Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Orphanage

Mom, Sharon and I went to see The Orphanage today. We didn't know much about this movie, other than that it was supposed to be scary. I LOVE scary movies - though they are rarely ever scary to me - and couldn't pass up a chance to go see this one.

The movie centers on Laura, who as a young girl was raised in the orphanage before being adopted. Now in her 30s, she has returned with her husband Carlos and their young son Simon to buy the orphanage and run it as a home for handicapped children.

Soon, Simon begins reporting conversations with new imaginary friends.

Then, an ominous woman claiming to be a social worker shows up and we learn that not only is Simon adopted, he's HIV positive.

The son goes missing. Six months later, Laura is convinced Simon is still alive, though probably desperately ill without his medications. A medium is called in and Laura seems to be walking a fine line between fantasy and reality.

If you don't mind sub-titles, this is a pretty good movie. The scenery was beautiful and the acting was superb. Although this one wasn't really "scary" to me, it was suspenseful enough to capture and hold my attention.

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