Sunday, January 27, 2008


Today mom and I went to see Untraceable with Diane Lane. She plays a widowed, cybercrime-investigating FBI agent on the trail of a guy who kills people in various grisly ways and broadcasts it live over the internet, on a website called

The problem is that the more people who visit the site, the quicker his victims die. Worse, this sicko is extremely internet savvy, and knows how to prevent the cops from determining his IP address. In addition, every time the authorities attempt to shut down his site, he has it back up and running in a matter of moments.

This one got plenty of bad reviews and it is pretty grizzly and very intense, but all in all mom and I liked it.

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Amy said...

I'm lurking around your movie sight....Shannon and I went and saw this one at the movies too. I am a big Diane Lane fan, so I like all of her movies (or at least her part in them).
We also enjoyed this one; we don't get to go to the movies often, but I looooove to watch movies.
Most of the ones that we see are on television or rental. (Read:cheaper) :)

I'll be lurking around a bit more. I'm going to need to write some of these down to watch with Shannon when I get back.:)

"Stalk" to you later!;)